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Frequently Asked Questions

About Backing Tracks on

What is a Backing Track?

A Backing Track (also known as background music, karaoke, performance track, or sing-along track) is an instrumental-only musical recording that you can sing or play along with.

Our backing tracks are perfect for worship at church or temple, home, youth groups, and quiet meditation or prayer. Our tracks are not for karaoke machines, and are not CD-Gs. They ARE original instrumental arrangements of popular and traditional worship songs.

Can I use these backing tracks in public performance?

You can use our tracks for any kind of live performance, at church, school, in theaters, or anywhere else you want to sing to our arrangements.

Please note that the performance of some songs that are under copyright may require a CCLI license or other venue license.

Why are lyrics displayed for some tracks, but not all of them?

Because of copyright laws and licensing restrictions, we cannot display or reprint lyrics for all tracks. We have tried to obtain lyric reprint permission for as many songs as possible, and have included lyrics for all public domain songs.

I need a song that is not on your website. Can you make one for me?

If you need a track custom made for you, we can create one for you per your specs. Our rates depend on the type of work involved. Please see our custom tracks page for details.

Can I use your backing tracks in a YouTube video, film, or multimedia project?

Using music in a film, AV presentation, YouTube video, or in a product requires a special type of license called a synchronization license. You can purchase a synchronization license from Spiritrax to use the music in such a manner without paying any extra fees (royalty free) for some tracks. To do so, select the Extended License option from the "Select a Version" menu on the track's information page.

Please note that, depending on the license agreement we have with the copyright holder of the composition, you may not be able to obtain a sync license from us for every track on the site. If you cannot find a track for film or multimedia you like here, try any of the thousands of royalty free music tracks at

Ordering Accompaniment Tracks on

What exactly do I get when I buy a track?

You get an MP3 file via instant download via your account downloads page, and for many tracks, a lead sheet in PDF format, and a guide vocal demonstration track. MP3s are compatible with nearly all computers, mobile devices and operating systems. Lead sheets and guide tracks may not be available for all tracks, depending on licensing arrangements.

Can I get my order sent to me on a CD?

Because of low demand for CDs, and to help be good stewards of the environment, we don't do this anymore. However, you can burn your files to CD if you wish after you download them.

Where do I download my order?

After you complete your purchase, you will be automatically sent to a download page, where you can download your tracks. A download link will also be sent to you via email. You can also access your order at any time on your account.

I don't like to use my credit card online. Can I order tracks from you another way?

While we only accept credit card payment, we can take your order over the phone or by text message at 1 (480) 331-TRAX.

Music Questions

What key will the song be in?

The demo recording for each track is done in the song's original key, which is displayed on the track's information page. However, you can download all of our songs in any just about key you want by selecting that transposition from the "Select a Version" menu on the track's information page. For the most part, we've recorded high-quality versions of our tracks in multiple keys to cover every singing range.

I need to add/take out a verse. Can this be done?

Yes. Almost all tracks on can be edited and customized to your liking for a nominal charge. We can remove verses, add additional parts (ie interludes, verses, etc), or even change instrumentation for you. Simply find a track you like, and click the customize this track button to order customizations. Customizations usually take 1-2 business days to complete. Read more about our Backing Track Customization Service.

Who wrote these songs?

In general, we did not write the music on our site. Credit has been given to the original composer on the track information page when appropriate, and when necessary, proper licensing to create derivative works has been obtained from the appropriate agencies or publishers.

However, all of the tracks on have been arranged and orchestrated an produced in-house by One Light Music staff composers, and are 100% original and new recordings that cannot be heard anywhere else. If you are a publisher, copyright owner, or just need licensing information, please call us, and we wil be happy to assist you.

Can I get sheet music for my band to play your arrangements?

We provide a lead sheet (with chords and melody) in PDF format with select downloads that you can print and share with your band members. Please note that PDF lead sheets are not available for all songs because of licensing arrangements with the publisher or copyright holder.

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