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Custom Tracks

Need something custom? We've got you covered.

Our customization service is being revamped and is currently unavailable. We hope to resume this service shortly.

Transpose Key

Does your favorite song have a few notes just out of reach? We can lower or raise keys without affecting the quality of our audio. No audio processing or tricks with playback speed here -- just honest transpositions of the instruments we use. In some cases, we'll use a different instrument if the track goes out of range in your preferred key.

Change Tempo

Faster or slower, we can adjust the speed of our tracks to meet your needs. Whether it's the whole track or just a small part you want to tweak, the speed of an accompaniment track shouldn't keep you from giving your best performance.

Modify Structure

Need a little more time with that interlude? Need another verse or an encore? We'll seamlessly repeat, cut, or move sections and verses to fit the structure of your performance. Don't get boxed in to someone else's arrangement.

Add, Remove, or Change Instruments

Our tracks aren't just for signing along with. If you're an instrumentalist, we can silence your chosen instrument to create a play-along. Not a fan of percussion and drums in your worship setting, let's cut them out. Want to hear a flute instead of an oboe for a particular passage -- yeah, we can do that too!

The Sky's the Limit

Our tracks are built from the ground up, so if you need something above and beyond, let us know. If you can dream it, we can create it for you.