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Welcome to, your worship music accompaniment tracks resource!

Our Story is an online resource for downloadable backing tracks (sing-along) specially designed for use in worship and meditation. We carry everything from classical masses, requiems, and traditional hymns, to popular worship songs and extended instrumental tracks for prayer and meditative sessions.

Every track is provided in any key you may need -- you can either pick one, or buy them all, and download them when ever you need them. Most tracks are also provided with a guide vocal track for reference and rehearsing, as well as a lead sheet for using in live performance. Simply pick out a track, and you can download and start singing to it right away.

You can use accompaniment tracks purchased on for any purpose - in Church, during services, for youth group gatherings, concerts, at home, at holiday and karaoke parties, and more.

In addition to downloading your favorite worship songs, many tracks on can be customized to meet your specific needs, because they are arranged and recorded in-house by professional musicians and composers. This means you can get backing tracks transposed to any key to fit your vocal range. You can also request cuts and changes - take out verses, add an extra chorus - anything you want, we can do.

We hope you enjoy singing along with our backing tracks, and hope that our arrangements and recordings add a new level to your worship experience.

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