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The Messiah: Part 2 Complete Package (Handel)

Backing Track Previews

Messiah: Lift Up Your Heads, O Ye Gates (Handel) Key of F Major

Messiah: Unto Which of the Angels Said He (Handel) Key of D Minor

Messiah: Let All the Angels of God Worship Him (Handel) Key of D Major

Messiah: Thou Art Gone Up On High (Handel) Key of D Minor

Messiah: The Lord Gave the Word (Handel) Key of Bb Major

Messiah: How Beautiful are the Feet of Them (Handel) Key of G Minor

Messiah: Their Sound is Gone Out (Handel) Key of Eb Major

Messiah: Why Do the Nations So Furiously Rage? (Handel v1) Key of C Major

Messiah: Why Do the Nations So Furiously Rage? (Handel v2) Key of C Major

Messiah: Let Us Break Their Bonds Asunder (Handel) Key of C Major

Messiah: He That Dwelleth in Heaven (Handel) Key of E Major

Messiah: Thou Shalt Break Them (Handel) Key of A Minor

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The Messiah: Part 2 Complete Package (Handel)


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The Messiah - Part 2 includes the songs 22 through 44 from the classic oratorio by Handel. Fully recreated from Handel's original scores. Lead sheets are included for the Arias and Recitative numbers only.

ID: #1244


Also available: The Messiah - Part 1, The Messiah - Part 3, and The Complete Messiah

This collection includes

:22. Behold the Lamb of God (ST 1207)
23. He was despised (ST 1208)
23B. He gave his back to the smiters (ST 1209)
24. Surely He hath borne our griefs (ST 1210)
25. And with His stripes we are healed (ST 1211)
26. And we like sheep have gone astray (ST 1212)
27. All they that see Him, laugh Him to scorn (ST 1218)
28. He trusted in God that He would deliver Him (ST 1219)
29. Thy rebuke hath broken His heart (ST 1221)
30. Behold, and see if there be any sorrow (ST_1222)
31. He was cut off out of the land of the living (ST_1223)
32. But Thou didst not leave His sould in hell (ST_1225)
33. Lift up your heads, O ye gates (ST 1226)
34. Unto which of the angels said He (ST 1227)
35. Let all the angels of God worship Him (ST 1228)
36. Thou art gone up on high (ST 1229)
37. The Lord gave the word (ST 1230)
38. How beautiful are the feet of them (ST 1231)
39. Their sound is gone out into all lands (ST 1232)
40. Why do the nations so furiously rage (ST 1233)
40B. Why do the nations so furiously rage - alternate version (ST 1007)
41. Let us break their bonds asunder (ST 1234)
42. He that dwelleth in heaven (ST 1235)
43. Thou shalt break them (ST 1236)
44. Hallelujah Chorus (ST 1015)

This production and arrangement by One Light Music.