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The Four Questions

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The Four Questions


Original Key: Db Minor MP3

Klezmer backing track arrangement perfect for singing along to the Four Questions of the Passover Seder, also known as Halila Hazeh. Verses traditionally sung by the youngest in the family with everone singing the choruses.

ID: #1034
Categories: Jewish Music > Jewish


Ma nish-ta-nah ha-lai-lah ha-zeh mi-kol ha-lay-lot?

1) She-b'chol ha-lay-lot a-nu och-leen cha-maytz u-mat-zah, ha-lai-lah ha-zeh ku-lo maz-tah.

2) She-b'chol ha-lay-lot a-nu och-leen sh'ar yera-kot, ha-lai-lah ha-zeh ma-ror.

3) She-b'chol ha-lay-lot ayn a-nu mat-bee-leen a-fee-loo pa-am e-chat, ha-lai-lah ha-zeh sh'tay f'ah-meem.

4) She-b'chol ha-lay-lot a-nu och-leen bayn yosh-veen uvayn m-su-been, ha-lai-lah ha-zeh ku-la-nu 'su-been.