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Key of D minor

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Original Key: D minor MP3

Beautiful soulful ballad arrangement of the Israeli national anthem, a song about hope and independence. Backing track features a solo violin, guitar and piano mixed with other instruments. Perfect for singing or using as an instrumental piece.

ID: #1018
Categories: Jewish Music > Jewish


Kol od ba-lay-vav p'-ni-ma,
ne-fesh ye-hu-di ho-mi-ya.
Ool-fa-ah-tay miz-rach ka-di-ma,
ah yin l'-tsi-yon tso-fi-ya.

Ohd lo av-da tik-va-tay-nu,
Ha-tik-va schnoht al-pa-yim,
lih-yoht ahm chuf-shi b'-ahr-tsay-nu
b'eh-retz tsi-yon vi-y'roo-sha-la-yim.
Lih-yhot ahm chum-shi b'ahr-tsay-nu
b'eh-retz tsi-yon vi-y'roo-sha-la-yim

Guide vocals performed by Melissa Guiley.