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Beautiful Easter

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Beautiful Easter


Original Key: G Major MP3

A soaring orchestral anthem that takes a classic Easter hymn and gives it a contemporary spin. Effective as both a solo worship piece and for choirs, this song captures the essence of Easter morning joy, with themes of nature, love, hope, and peace.

ID: #1358
Categories: Holiday Music > Easter


Oh, beautiful, beautiful Easter,
What joy to us you bring!
What pleasures sweet, when here we meet,
To praise our risen king!

Easter! Easter!
Beautiful, beautiful Easter!
Day so dear, so full of cheer,
And happiness and love!
Easter! Easter!
Beautiful, beautiful Easter!
Christians, raise your sweetest praise
To God above.

No sadness now lingers around us,
For all the world looks bright;
And glad eyes glow, where’er we go,
With blessed Easter light.


The songbirds are joyously singing,
And bells make merry rhyme;
Yes, all things say or sing today,
"Tis gladsome Easter-time."


Oh, glorious Savior, thy praises
Today our souls employ,
For thou dost live again to give
This time of light and joy.

This arrangement recorded and produced One Light Music Productions, Inc.