Backing tracks and karaoke accompaniment music for worship and meditation.
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Rock of Ages (Cleft for Me)
Christian > Hymns
Download Price: $4.95  (includes accompaniment backing track, & lead sheet )
A contemporary arrangement of the classic hymn Rock of Ages, with a slightly jazzy and pop infused sound. Features piano and acoustic guitar with bass and drums and light synths. Originally by Augustus Toplady, the setting was first written by Thomas Hastings in 1830. This arrangement features 4 verses.

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Ring Around the Rosy
Children's Music > Misc. Children's Music
Download Price: $4.29  (includes accompaniment backing track, & lead sheet )
Sometimes used with children on Ash Wednesday because of the "ashes" in the lyrics, this is a light orchestral version of the traditional game. Brief introduction and interlude gives the kids time to get into position, and several repeats make it just long enough for a little performance.

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Rock of Ages (Maoz Tzur)
Holidays > Chanukah
Download Price: $3.95  (includes accompaniment backing track, & lead sheet )
A soaring orchestral backing track for the Jewish favorite, Maoz Tzur (Rock of Ages). Triumphant, yet heartfelt, this song is perfect for Chanukah, or as a song of praise for Shabbat or the High Holidays. Can also be used as a Christian hymn about God's strength and salvation. See also, Rock of Ages, Cleft For Me.

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Rain Meditation 1
Prayer & Meditation > Relaxation
Download Price: $3.95  (includes accompaniment backing track)
A relaxing, peaceful ambient track with piano, warm synth pad and rain. Perfect for meditation, prayer, or relaxation.

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