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O One with God the Father
Track ID: 1176
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Item Information
Total Playing Time: 2:27 (mm:ss)   Original Key: D Major

Item Description: A rhythmic acoustic version of the Epiphany hymn, featuring acoustic guitar, piano, organ, upright bass, and percussion. Celebratory and simple.

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O One with God the Father in majesty and might,
The brightness of his glory, Eternal Light of light:
To gloomy haunts of darkness your rays are streaming down;
The shadows flee before you, the world's true light has come.

Yet, Lord, we see but dimly; O heav'nly Light, arise;
Dispel these mists that shroud us and hide you from our eyes.
We long to track the footprints where you yourself have trod;
We long to see the pathway that leads to you, our God.

O Jesus, shine around us with radiance of your grace;
O Jesus, turn upon us the brightness of your face.
We need no star to guide us, as on our way we press,
if you will light our pathway, O Sun of righteousness.